How To Keep Your Valentine’s Day Cut Roses Fresh Longer

It’s valentines day, and a bunch of red roses are on their way from loved ones. These roses are not just roses but feelings and admiration from your loved ones which you want to preserve for as long as you can to remember that moment when it was given to you. You can even style your bedroom with roses.

Roses generally last as long as a week, but if you take outstanding care of them, they can last longer by following some steps daily to make them last longer. Here are five easy steps to make your cut roses last longer.

1. Keep Your Vase Clean

Fill your vase with warm water, and add a tablespoon of baking soda and a small amount of white vinegar for a normal-sized vase, which will cleanse your vase of any residue or dirt inside. After taking all the warm water out of the vase, rinse it will water and clean it with a soft cloth making your vase neat and clean.

2. Cut The Stem Of Roses

Even changing the water of the vase every other day will help you keep your roses fresh, but each time you change the water in the vase, the stem of the rose needs to be trimmed. Trimming the stem at a slight angle under water is important to make the process more effective. To make it last longer, cut the stem shorter.

3. Keep The Roses In a Cool Spot

The best place to keep your roses is in cool spots of your home or office away from the air conditioner because it drys them up. Also, warm water is not much suited for roses as they overheat and dry up. Try keeping it in a cold and humid environment.

4. Cut The Leaves Of The Stem

Always keep in mind that leaves on the stem do not submerge under water. In the vase, leaves underwater start to decay and give rise to bacteria that are unsuitable for your roses and will also decrease their life. Cutting leaves is a simple trick that will increase the life of your roses.

5. Change The Water In The Vase Regularly

Still, water promotes bacteria growth which is not good for the plants’ life. Changing the water every other day with fresh cool water will help you extend your cut roses’ life while keeping your vase clean to an extent. Ensure the water you add is not dirty, which can decline your plant’s life. Instead, use fresh drinking water if possible; regular fresh water would also do the work.


It’s a wish of every lover to see the roses that are given by their lovers ever last over time, but since it’s not possible, there are steps you can follow in your daily life to increase the life of your cut roses. Only by following these simple steps obnoxiously, you can achieve it. These are simple process that doesn’t cost much, and neither takes much time. All you need is persistence with these steps, and maybe you can have the most extended life of cut roses ever, with love. For some fresh and vibrant flowers, you can also contact an online florist in Armadale.