How to Style a Bedroom – Bedroom Styling 2021

You can get the best architect in the world to design your house. However, if you don’t know how to decorate your home, it’s all for the naught. Your bedroom is an integral part of your life. Getting up to the beautiful walls, elegant sunlight, and the interior makes a significant impact. Many people fail to understand this aspect.

Since you’re here, you’re one of the rare people who acknowledge the importance of styling your bedroom. Therefore, this guide will help you keep up with the trends. These are all brilliant and trendy styling tips for your bedroom in 2021!

Think of this as a thorough guide that will cover different aspects to bring you the best results. You can combine these as per your choice or stick to some of these.

The Baseline For Styling

This is a quick checklist for you. If you consider these, you won’t have any trouble styling your bedroom as you like. Keep these points in mind:

  • Invest in quality bedding and furniture if you can. Alternatively, you can invest in fabrics and clothes for bedrooms that can enhance the appeal.
  • Lighting plays a vital role everywhere, including the bedroom. Ensure that you have pristine ambient lighting. Getting natural lights through windows is always better, but not necessary.
  • Don’t go too flashy with the bedroom. Keep things in peace. After all, a bedroom is a place for you to rest and recover. It should be your best comfort zone.

Minimalism Is An Old News

The minimalistic approach to the bedrooms is an outdated trend. You can’t stick to the plain and bold colors anymore. It’s time for you to mix it up. Using simple bedsheets and wall designs will make the place look dull. You need to show off your personality. Don’t be hesitant to experiment with some ideas and designs.

Here are some quick tips:

  • Instead of plain walls, try to get patterns and designs. Not necessarily everywhere, but to the wall on the front side of your bed.
  • You can also color the room in sync with the furniture’s color, like your bedding. The opposite is equally possible.
  • If you can’t afford designer walls, try wallpapers. They fall under the budget, and there are plenty of options available.
  • Try new colors with the bedsheets, curtains, and other clothing articles in your bedroom. Forget about the old, simple colors. Get designs and patterns.

Headboard Makes A Statement 

Headboards are back in style, and this time, it’s all about being bold with them. Forget about narrow or minimalist headboards. You can go grand with these. How, specifically? Here are some pointers:

  • Longer headboards with curved designs have become a superior choice.
  • You can have a fabric covering or cushioning on them. Don’t keep them stiff or wooden. It’s all about comfort.
  • Your headboard can be entirely out of the element of the room, as well. It can have the most striking color. You can even make it define your personality by using a favorite color.
  • Some popular choices are red, orange, yellow, and others in the warm spectrum. However, you can also go for an evergreen blue color.
  • Alternatively, nature-oriented designs like leaves, trees, and floral arrangements have become popular for headboards. Colorful designs would enable you always to complement the headboard with a bedsheet.

Treat Each Bedroom As A Master Bedroom

If you have a single bedroom, that’s your master bedroom. Even if you have multiple bedrooms, each bedroom should be a master bedroom. Don’t worry. You’re not going overboard with it at all. What does it mean to treat it like a master bedroom?

For starters, your bed will be the focal point of the room. You need a bed that makes a statement about you and sets the ambience. It can be the most significant piece of furniture in the room and most design-oriented. Don’t be hesitant to go bold.

  • A bed should still look comfortable. So, try to opt for puffy, frailly, and other similar designs. You can even go for a spacious bed with curtains hanging on each side. Whatever it is, make sure that it feels like it is a part of your room.
  • While your bed will take the most attention, a headboard will complement the interior. Keep this in mind as you shuffle through ideas.
  • The bed can stand out from the entire color scheme of your room.

Tweak Up Your Furniture And Storage

Indeed, minimalism isn’t relevant for the styling of the bedroom. However, it is still essential for the entire room. As mentioned earlier, you need to make a statement with your bed and headboard. That will mostly catch the attention.

However, you need to dedicate the bedroom for rest and no other work. There shouldn’t be a study table or other work-oriented furniture. Keep things simple. Make sure to have closets that won’t bulge out. Sleek designs with apt storage for clothes is pivotal. It would ensure that nothing lingers out and ruins the appeal of your bedroom.

Here are some trendy tips:

  • Instead of table lamps, get wall-lights or wall-lamps installation. They look much better and open up space for side tables.
  • Try to get some creative items like wooden roof lights and other similar simplistic designs. If you are going for a modern appeal, make sure to match the abstract concept.
  • You can match the lights of your room with the fabrics you use, or even the furniture you have. Complementing the walls is an old style, still great, but matching with lights can be even better.
  • Don’t go for the tiles in the room, at all. Try different flooring, carpets. Keep tiles for the bathroom.

Remember The Most Important Point

It’s all about your personality and preference. First, you need to dedicate yourself to a specific theme. Consider what you feel more connected to. Is it nature, technology, or art? Then, you can start decorating your bedroom similarly.

You can also go for a style that is a classic like medieval bedding and other similarly royal additions. They are easy to modernize with the above-given tips but stick to a specific theme.

And remember not to mix the fabrics. Dedicate a specific colour pallet for each bedroom. But you can experiment boldly, and in contrast, as well. Check out to find some of the best bedding and furniture at hefty discounts.