Should you wash your face with cold water?

Having nice skin isn’t only about taking vitamins. There are a lot of skincare techniques, simple as washing with cold water. Despite seems impossible to take a shower or wash the dishes with cold water. Almost everyone loves a warm bath tube! But cold water is beneficial in several ways, and people should use it to clean their skin. Some of its benefits are that it is very stimulating, wakes us up, activates circulation, increases metabolism due to the process of temperature regulation, the body burns calories, and tones skin and muscles.

On the other hand, taking a hot shower every day brings some problems to our bodies. Hot water is dehydrating and removes the skin’s natural oils, which act as a protective barrier, generating problems such as eczema and irritation.

Benefits of washing your face with cold water

Washing your face with cold water or even soaking it in ice water is very beneficial for your skin. In recent months, the trend of using ice water as part of the facial routine has become quite popular. Before applying make-up, wash your face with ice water. In this way, the skin colour will become even and the make-up will achieve better effects on the face.

Unlike higher temperatures, cold water helps to seal pores, retain natural oils and firm the outermost layer of the skin, helping to prevent the signs of aging. The cold water is naturally anti-aging because it helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In addition, if you wash your face regularly with cold water, you will see that your skin will look much more radiant.

The cold water maintains good skin health. It helps to have a firming effect and to help remove skin impurities. Furthermore, it can stimulate blood flow and facilitates the removal of dead skin debris stored beneath the dermis, which is responsible for visible imperfections.

Another property of cold water is its anti-inflammatory properties, so if you have acne, it will help reduce inflammation and reduce the size of those annoying blackheads. The ice water helps to relieve puffiness in the eye area, which often occurs when you haven’t had enough rest.

Washing the face properly

Before washing your face, you should have your hands clean so as not to contaminate your skin further. In addition to daily cleansing, it is suggested to exfoliate once a week to better remove dead skin cells.

Use neutral, perfume-free soap so that it does not irritate the dermis and does not alter the natural pH. You can also buy pure cleansing water, the best product for washing and renewing facial skin.

Remember that it is not good to wash with hot water as it can cause greater irritation to the skin and is more costly for the environment. It is important to regulate the temperature of the water because sudden temperature changes will destabilise the skin’s defensive barrier, causing it to lose more moisture than recommended. Experts recommend washing the skin with lukewarm or room temperature water.