Everything You Need to Know About Opal Jewelry

Decorating yourself with jewellery is as personal as styling your bedroom. You want to make it look classy but with a personal touch that belongs to you. If you want to achieve this you need to select the right kind of jewellery first. And for that, you might want to start with Opal jewellery as it offers plenty of variety. Thus, it’s easier for you to find the right fit. But before heading into the market to purchase it, you must read this article till the end to know all the basic things about Opal Jewelry.

About Opal Jewelry

Opals are naturally occurring substance that has an amorphous character. They usually form inside the rock, and the rocks are not classified. This is so because they can form in any kind of rock. However, the most common places where you can find Opals are marl, basalt, limonite, sandstone, and rhyolite rocks. 

To explain to you in the least scientific way, these rocks form when silica-rich water penetrates into the Earth’s crust. There are generally two types of Opals: Common Opals and Precious Opals. Precious Opals are rare and expensive, whereas Common Opals can be found easily and are inexpensive.

These stones look great under the lighting effect as they reflect various colours that they hold within. Probably, that’s the reason why fashion enthusiasts are going gaga over it!

How Can You Determine The Value Of Opal?

Determining the value of Opal is influenced not only by one but several factors. These factors can be shape, size, colour, body tone, quality, and brilliance. The most valued Opal is the Black one and then the Boulder one. Milky or white opals are not as valuable as black ones. Another factor that plays an important role in determining the value of the gemstones is the way its been cut and whether it’s polished or not.  

These gemstones are often “per carat.” Also, examine the body tone of the Opal as it is an essential thing. It ranges from black to other dark colours. The darkest body tone is considered the most valuable one. The most popular patterns in Opal are Straw, Flagstone, Chinese Writing, Ribbon, Harlequin, and Picture Stones.

Types Of Opals

In terms of kind, there are no limitations for Opal. But, there are mainly 4 most common types of Opals that you should know of:

Black Opal

Black Opal is the most precious one as it is rarest. Therefore, you will find that it is the most expensive one as well. It has a dark or black body tone. Due to this reason, it has a blinding flash effect which looks wonderful when the stone shines.

Milky or White Opal

Though the Milky or White Opal looks serene, it is not as expensive as the other mentioned Opals in this list. In fact, this one is the least expensive of all. It has a white or milky-like appearance that does not reflect light. You can find it anywhere as it is commonly found.

Crystal Opal

Crystals never disappoint. If you are not sure about the colour that you would want to choose for your Opal jewellery, then Crystal Opal is a perfect choice. It has a wide variety of colours that flash beautifully. As it has a crystal-like appearance, you will see that they are usually transparent. Sometimes, the jewellers attach a dark body tone to make its colour more appealing.

Boulder Opal

People who do not have any experience in purchasing Opal jewellery can mistake Boulder Opal for Black Opal. It has rock backing attached to it. Also, this one is less valuable in comparison to the Black Opal.


So, if you are convinced about the Opal Jewelry, then you can start with Opal rings. You can now buy opal rings online as well. Surely, the Opals will never disappoint you if chosen correctly. Thus, do not forget to take help from this blog once you make up your mind about purchasing it.