What was the Volkswagen Scandal?

The Volkswagen scandal has also been dubbed as the diesel dupe. It was found that the business was selling many vehicles that were defected in the United States of America. They were fitted with a device which would detect when they were being tested by the authorities and would change performance accordingly while having better performance on the road but also producing more nitrogen than allowed in the United States. This would lead to better results on the road, but it would meet the requirements in the test that needed to be met.

As the test would occur when the car was stationary on a rig, the software within the car would detect no movement hence the engine performance would be below par but the amount of nitrogen produced met the requirements of the country. However, when taken on the road, the car would detect that and give much more power to the engine. This would lead to 40 times the emission of nitrogen that was allowed, which meant that the car mogul was cheating emission tests and cheating their customers too.

The reason behind this is that Volkswagen has had difficulty selling diesel-based cars in the United States. Hence, they really wanted to push these cars to be sold, which is why they marketed low emission cars very heavily over the country. The US authorities had found 482,000 cars within the country that were fitted with the device. However the business later admitted that around 11 million cars in the world have been fitted with this device, which will be detrimental to the world’s environment.

The company has responded with an apology and conveyed their regrets stating that they want to win the hearts of the people again. They have started to call cars back and plan to get millions of cars recalled. This also means they need to set aside a sum for all the costs which they have decided upon to be 6.7 billion euros and for the first time in 15 years, the car company will post its quarterly loss. However, the authorities in the US have decided to fine them around 18 billion dollars which is only one of the fines that will be imposed upon the company.

After the device was detected in the US, many companies have followed their example and have opened investigations on the company’s emission testing like the UK, France, South Korea, Italy, and Germany. The social impact is such that people have begun to question the company and the legitimacy of their testing. Also the shares of the company have dropped by at least a third which is a huge number for such an influential company. You can contact Volkswagen service in Melbourne for more information and for cars from the company.

Why did the company do it or who’s at fault here is a question that cannot be answered, however, let’s hope that the company can rectify their mistake.