Ways To Automate Your Business Calls

As the world moves forward and technology become an even bigger part of our lives, it is essential we keep up with these advancements and especially with the business world. With the digital age progressing, we need to keep our businesses modern and need to be updated with what our customers are demanding, because if they don’t receive it from us they will get it from our competitors which is something we do not want.

Now a day’s people have begun to automate and digitalize their businesses. This not only saves them time and energy, it also saves them money. It is an option that is available at all hours of the day and keeps them up to date with technology which is essential. People have now started to use different ways to automate their businesses such as emails, websites, and even phone calls.  People automate all these things which help your business grow to like, your website, but we will teach you how to automate your calls so you can keep up and provide your customers with the best service possible.

To set up an automated call, it’s best to get in touch with a company that provides such services as they will be the best guide to your journey of automation. You can always look into corporate answering service with Oracle CMS. After choosing a company which provides you with this service, firstly you need to decide whether you want to use an audio file which is pre-recorded or use a text to speech function which will help you record your voice at that moment. This recording will play every time someone calls your business number. They will make you record a bunch of different phrases like a welcome phrase, a number pressing or an answer phrase and more so your customer can have the proper experience with your business.

After choosing these phrases and getting done with this function, you will move onto whether you want to incorporate the answering machine option, which is when the automated call encounters an answering machine. This may be a tricky one for businesses because it will help you reach more customer but getting business information on their answering machine my bother some people, so it is entirely your choice. Then you need to give the customers an unsubscribe option. This would enable them to leave the contact list that the automated call goes to which is a necessity for every business to do so.

Then you must select the call list you want to send this automated call to. This would mean that you pick the contacts you want to send this call to. These can be your priority customers, all customer soar even random numbers; it’s all up to your marketing strategy. Then you will be required to monitor the cost it would take for you to send these calls and select the correct time for sending this call. You are then done with automating the call and send it to all your clients and promote your business.