6 Best Indoor Plants to Have in Office

Why should offices have indoor plants or plantation in excess? Well, plants are natural air fresheners and create a cool, and a fresh environment to breath in. This in turn helps the employees to breath fresh air, supporting their health, reducing their sick days and eventually creating an environment that is healthy and comfortable to work in.

Most importantly, having indoor plants helps relieve stress, creates a cool and a cozy co-working environment while allowing you to connect with nature as well. Here are some of the best options that you could explore while selecting indoor plants.

  1. ZZ Plant

The best part about this plant is that, it requires no care at all. Just don’t over water this plant and don’t place it in a spot where it receives direct sunlight. You can place it besides your office window, where the light is delicate or perhaps place it in any corner to lift up that area.

They are not only beautiful in appearance, but also detoxify the air by killing pollutants such as Toulene and Xylene, which are the by-products of burnt fuels, and cause many diseases. Most offices are usually situated in conjugate areas, so this plant in your office can help improve the air inside.

  • Rubber Plant

It is burgundy in color and requires its soil to be moist at all times. Water it after every three days, and it will be fine. This plant is very efficient in cleaning indoor toxins such as formaldehyde, which dwells in crude oil, paints, cleansers and furniture, and effects immunity of workers. Rubber plant not only helps brighten up the office layout by its shiny broad leaves, but also keeps your office as a safe place to work in.

  • Fiddle-Leaf Fig

Another best indoor plant is fiddle-leaf fig. It has beautiful broad leaves and looks extraordinary within the corners, to brighten up the neglected spaces. This plant is not only efficient in removing harmful chemical fumes, but also reduces humidity as well. It will also be too incredible for people who have breathing problems.

  • Areca Palm

Areca is another indoor plant which is available in various sizes, and it also doesn’t need a lot of light. You can put a little one on your work desk if the place is well lit, and its spiny leaves will not only look appealing, but also wouldn’t take much room on your desk.

  • Money Plant

This plant is an avid climber, it can make any dull wall come to life. It is excessively used to make green walls. It is profoundly versatile to any environment and requires low maintenance. You can make it grow around your wall hangings and paintings. You can decorate your indoor figures or any art designs with it to make them look at its best. To select art prints to go with this plant, explore abstract art prints at Greenhouse interiors Pty Ltd.

  • Monstera Plant

Another plant similar to money plant is Monstera. Its leaves grow naturally with holes in them, and the appearance is very appealing because of its ripped outlook. Though a Monstera plant needs a well-lit place and it will surely draw attention of any visitor to itself. You can perhaps place it on your reception desk or grow it vertically on any wall to gain attention and beautify your working environment.