How To Make Perfect Brownies

Soft from the inside, with a touch of cake icing outside that melts as soon as it reaches inside the mouth, is a definition of a perfect brownie. However, achieving this impeccable blend is a tough job. It is because something is either too little or too much every time. If you aim to make perfect brownies, then the one thing you should focus on is their texture.

Many bloggers have tried to master this art and have different takes on their choices. Some like creamy or cakey brownies, while others prefer them fudgy. This article will uncover the art of making perfect fudgy brownies with the appropriate cream.  

Perfect Balance Between Flour And Fat

A perfect brownie is a subjective thing. Everyone has their own personal take on it. So, the idea of your perfect brownie lies with you. Ask yourself, what kind of brownie do you like? One that is more on the fudgy side or the one that is more on the cakey side.

Well, to make it one of these two options, you need to find a perfect balance between fat and flour. Fat includes butter and chocolate. If you want a fudgy brownie, then make sure to add the fat elements more. However, if you want a cakey brownie, then add limited fat but a lot of flour. If you are health conscious, then adding fewer fat ingredients would be better for you. 

Ingredients Of Brownies

Indeed there are a handful of ingredients that you can add to a brownie. But the most important ones include eggs, butter, chocolate bar, flour, granulated salt & sugar, chocolate chips, vanilla and unsweetened cocoa powder.

Many people might think that adding chocolate chips is uncalled for. But you should know that adding them to the batter adds the additional flavour of chocolate in the brownie, which makes every bite scrumptious. 

Art Of Melting The Chocolate

The most pivotal part of making a perfect brownie is to master the art of melting the chocolate. So for an enhanced consistency, you should try melting the chocolate slightly differently than the traditional way. All you have to do is add a few inches of water to a pan and put it over your gas stove, and then lit its fire. Keep the fire low. Now take a pyrex bowl and put it on top of the pan that you have put on the gas stove. Melt the chocolate and butter together in the pyrex bowl.

Thickness, Texture & Baking Time

Make sure that the brownies material is quite thick. If it’s thick, then you may have to bake them for around 40 to 45 minutes. The thickness of the brownie defines its texture. The thicker a brownie is, the more textured and tasty it will be.

Some Tips

  • While melting the chocolate, do not cover the bowl.
  • Constantly mix the chocolate while melting it.
  • Check the brownie after 30 minutes once you put it into the oven. You can check its texture with a toothpick to know whether it’s cooked perfectly.


So this is how you can make perfect brownies at home. If you do not want to go through all this trouble but still want to have a perfect bite, then contact The Cupcake Room. They provide brownie delivery in Australia.