Where And How To Recycle Batteries

Batteries are an essential part of any type of wireless electronic device, such as laptops, tablets, mobiles etc. It is also equally essential to recycle the batteries when they are of no use. Besides, it is illegal in most places to just throw off or dispose of the batteries in the trash.

Any sort of leakage in a battery should also be treated with care, and a label should be attached to it stating the same. So, if you do not know anything regarding recycling batteries, then ahead is a piece of information that may come in your handy.

Why To Recycle Batteries?

Batteries have chemicals that are consumed to generate energy for electronic devices. No battery is fully exhausted. Thus, a significant amount of corrosive materials, chemicals and heavy metals are always left behind. As a result, most countries have made it illegal to throw batteries here and there just like that.

Enforcing such laws has drastically reduced the dangers that these batteries might have. Besides, recycling the batteries is also beneficial for the environment. It is because the materials present in the batteries are toxic to the environment if exposed.

Where And How To Recycle Batteries?

Now the main question is how exactly you can recycle a battery. Well, there are numerous ways through which you can start the process of battery recycling. Some are direct, while some are indirect. So let’s have a look at them:

Return Them To The Manufacturer

Many manufacturers have the policy of taking the used batteries to recycle them. So, if your battery is of no use to you, you can turn it in to the manufacturer who, after receiving the used batteries, will carry out the recycling process.

Throw Them In The Battery Recycling Bin

In advanced countries, there are recycle bins specifically made for batteries. So, if you can’t find any other way to recycle your battery or can’t return it to the manufacturer, then the best way is to throw the battery in its recycle bin.

Safe Recycling

Keep in mind that the case of recycling batteries is serious. So, if you want to recycle them, first figure out the type of battery you have. Lithium-ion batteries should not get mixed with lead batteries. It is because if a lithium-ion battery is thrown into the recycling stream of a lead battery, it can cause an explosion during recycling. This is why there is strict security on the doors of the recycling area.

The Process Of Recycling

To recycle a battery, it is hammered so that it splits into two pieces. Afterwards, the separated two pieces go into the vat. In the vat, heavy material such as metal falls downwards, and the material made of plastic remains the too.

The liquid is extracted, and the polypropylene pieces are disposed of. At last, only the heavy metal and lead are left. And then, these separated materials are recycled separately.


Now that you know the importance of recycling the batteries, make sure that every battery in your house which is of no use is recycled perfectly. If you are looking to buy some batteries, then NBN batteries for sale in Australia are available. Just click on the given link, and you will know the rest.