How to Use SAP For Small Business Effectively – Review

Why choose Sap Business One for your Australian business

The Sap Business One (CitySoft Consulting Pty Ltd) is specifically made for small businesses and the developer distributes it through SAP partners, like Bluekey Software Solutions. The software helps users to streamline their business processes, drive profitable growth and act on timely information.

The developer designed the software with flexibility in mind and therefore whether you need it installed in your office desktop, or to have it on the cloud; you will get what you want. You can also go for the mobile version of the app, which is customizable to match the needs of an expanding business.

The business solution provides clear visibleness into the entire business and helps the users create complete control over all aspects of their operations. The software will capture the critical business information for easier access and use in every part of your business. unlike most traditional accounting spreadsheets and packages, this software delivers exactly what the user requires to manage the key areas of his/her business.

How to use the software

The software comes in handy in the following departments:

  • Finance

The software will help you manage every financial transaction including the general ledger, setup and maintenance processes of accounts, multidimensional cost centres, journal entries, budges and multi-currency adjustments.

  • Sales

To facilitate easier selling, the software helps the users create quotes, deliveries, customer orders, manage their invoices, accounts receivables and update their stock balances.

  • Purchasing

With the software, you can manage the supplier transactions including issuance of purchase orders and quotes, updating the stock level, calculating the landed costs, handling credits and returns in addition to processing the payments.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

With the CRM feature, you can control the important information of your suppliers and customers including their contact summaries, profiles, account balances, and the sales pipeline analysis.

  • The stock control

The software helps you handle the levels of your stock and manage each item. It also helps you handle special price agreements, stock transactions and transfer between warehouses.

stock control
  • Material requirements planning (MRP)

With the use of this software, you can manage and schedule items for purchasing or production depending on various criteria. It offers a simple but powerful planning system, which drives efficiencies for the buyers and production planners.

  • Services

This software can optimize every potential service department, provide support for the service operations, plan for services, track customer interaction activities and service contract management.

  • Intercompany integration

The software allows management of intercompany transactions around multiple entities. You can, therefore, share information and resources between the virtual and physical locations of your company to facilitate the consolidation of statements.

Intercompany integration
  • Real-time insight

Gain real-time information access and a better way of exploring it with IT assistance. That supports faster and better decision-making. To increase the productivity of your employees, the Sap program helps put your users on information control.

Real-time insight


To summarize, the software is meant for small businesses in need of streamlined implementation and quicker return on investment. If you need software that you can customize quickly, implement rapidly and with the relevant support, it is the one to go for.