Top Pearls for the Girls

Also known as the “teardrops of the moon” or the “organic gemstone”, pearls for girls are gaining reputation and their prize is increasing faster than that of any other jewellery collection. With the understated beauty and elegance in addition to the cost that will not break your budget, most individuals are gravitating towards the precious gemstone. When hunting for a perfect pearl jewellery piece, you will have to consider several things.

First, what are pearls?

Pearls arise when the irritants – commonly sand – are lodged in an oyster. To protect itself from the intruders, the oyster releases more coats of nacre (an opaque substance) a coat on top of the other. With time, the nacre makes a pearl. The long process might take 6-24 months and the pearl comes in various shapes and colours.

Choosing between cultured and natural

A big difference between the cultured pearl and natural pearl relates to the creation of the pearls. Cultured pearls arise after a farmer injects irritants into an oyster in a controlled environment to facilitate faster and efficient pearls production. Natural pearls grow in the wild. And because harvesting the natural pearls is hard, they are rare and expensive. The cultured pearls are beautiful and inexpensive. If you need them, consider bridal stores in Sydney.

Selecting the right type

The market offers several types of pearls for girls. They include:

Freshwater pearl

The Freshwater pearl is the most inexpensive. The price starts at $50 and you can get one for a lower price.

The Akoya Pearl

The Akoya Pearl is smaller and classic than the freshwater pearl. The market offers it in either cream or white colours. The pearls exist in the coastline of Japan.

The South Sea pearl

The larger South Sea pearl comes in three main colours – gold, cream, and white. However, they are more expensive than the Akoya pearl and Freshwater pearl.

The Tahitian pearl

The unique Tahitian pearl is the most interesting of any pearl variety. Its dark colours range from metallic to black colours. The Tahitian pearl is the most valuable and exotic type of pearl.

The pearl jewellery to go for

Pearls are not dated; they have been getting into the market from time to time. In addition to the classic pearl necklace classic string, you can wear the pearls in other ways. The modern designers have been developing chic ways of incorporating the pearl jewellery into the wedding wear.

Choosing the best jewellery can be hard. Most women gravitate towards the necklace. The necklaces range in length, the number of strands and the size of pearls. You will have to choose between the single strand and the multi-strand necklace. The classic pearl lengths include:

–          The collar, which hugs against the wearer’s neck

–          The choker, which sits at the wearer’s neck

–          Princess, which sits on the collar bone

–          Matinee, which hangs above the wearer’s bust at around 20-24 inches

–          Opera, which falls below the wearer’s bust at around 30-36 inches

–          Rope, which is a long strand of pearls and has a length of 36 inches

Wedding pearl necklaces are common, but you should not end your shopping there. Consider the bracelets earrings and rings. When shopping for pearl rings, you will have to choose between gold and silver.