4 DIY Tips to Maintaining Your Human Hair Extensions

Whether you are new to the world of hair extensions or you have been using them for many years, you should always research on how to deal with the extensions and take care of human hair extensions. After all, hair extensions that receive adequate care and maintenance last for many years. To keep your hair extensions looking healthy for many years, consider the following few tips.

Store them properly

With good habits, your hair extensions will last for very many years. Do not throw away the small box, which your hair extensions arrive in because you can reuse it for many years for storing them.

 When preparing the extensions for storage, start by gathering the hair together and then brush them out carefully from the bottom working upwards slowly. If you encounter an annoying knot, draw off the individual weft and start brushing it thoroughly. Remember to brush the hair extensions gently to reduce chances of breakages and shedding.

After brushing out the extensions, secure the hair closer to the base using a hair tie as a ponytail. Roll the extensions gently to make a circle and place them in the box. Knot the hair together if you need a light wave when wearing them the next time.

Prevent tangling

All hair extensions are known to tangle. The main cause of that is the friction your natural hair causes when it rubs against the hair extensions. Therefore, you should avoid swimming, sleeping or showering with the human hair extensions. By doing that, you will end up mixing the hair together and making knots. To keep your human Remy hair extensions tangle free give it a quick run through throughout the day in addition to the regular thorough brushing. Remember to brush the extensions each time you apply and remove them.

Minimize shedding

On average, the human hair extensions shed around 100 strands each day. Because manufacturers use natural hair to make them, you should expect natural shedding in their lifetime. There will be lighter shedding each time you style or brush the hair extension and you should not be worried whenever that happens. However, that should mean that you have to reduce the number of times you brush the extensions per day. The best thing to do is minimize the shedding.

Regular washing will dry the hair and cause shedding. To minimize washing, you will have to reduce the number of products you use on the hair extensions. The extensions come with a beautiful healthier finish and therefore you do not require any product to improve your appearance further.

For more hold when curling the extensions, pin up the curls and leave them overnight or for one hour to keep the curls in place without the need of hairspray. If you need hairspray, consider the lightweight formulas in the market. Extra hairspray will definitely clog up the extensions and therefore necessitate washing.

Hydrate the extensions

When washing your hair, don’t forget to give some love and remember to hydrate your hair extensions. Extensions do not receive natural oils and nutrients from your scalp as the natural hair does. Therefore, you should ensure that the set is properly moisturized and nourished to maintain its healthy appearance. Avoid products that include alcohol and sulphate because the two ingredients will dry out the hair.

Remember that no hair is exactly like the other. Therefore, keep a closer eye on your natural hair and the extensions to know when it is time for washing and the products to use. Avoid styling and over washing.

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