How to Write a Marketing Plan?

To take your business towards growth and prosperity, you need a good marketing plan. A good marketing plan would include everything from what your product is? Who you are targeting? How will you reach your target audience? And most importantly, how will you retain them? If executed properly, your marketing plan can lead you towards getting more customers and prosperity. Orange Squid consulting firm can help your organisation grow and innovate. 


ORANGESQUID is basically a strategic innovation consultancy organisation that assists other organisations with their strategic and marketing decisions. It’s a small organisation that works to stand out from others and make a difference. It is passionate about bridging the gap that has been created by the most successful companies and some of the best business schools in the world. The company focuses on developing customer-centric strategies, embracing change and technological innovation, following best practices for strategy development and implementing critical skills. 

What is Good Marketing?

A good marketing plan will help tell a story about your business and give your target audience a reason to choose you amongst the hundreds of brands that exist in the market. It can help you stand apart from your competitors and help the consumers choose easily. Marketing can also help you tap new markets, new customers and build lasting relationships with your target audience. However, marketing is not so simple. Marketing requires time, research and proper budget allocation. Therefore, executing a good marketing plan requires an investment of time, research and a lot of critical thinking. 

Marketing Consulting Firms

How much does it cost to outsource your marketing? Will it be cost-effective and cost you less time as well? It really depends on the type of assistance you require. However, bringing in a consulting firm can help you achieve your goals in a cost-effective and timely manner. ORANGESQUID can do an amazing job in this area. It has a team of highly professional and experienced people who think critically and can help you make and execute a great marketing plan for your business. ORANGESQUID can create a clear marketing plan for your business so that you can easily measure the results and achieve your desired goals. Tell them your business objectives and they’ll help you with a roadmap to execute, organise and track your marketing strategy over the required time period. 

They can also assist you with developing a good marketing strategy for your business, if you wish to grow and prosper in the long run. A good marketing plan will include and executive summary, target audience (your potential customers), your unique selling proposition, positioning and pricing strategy, distribution plan, the offer, promotional efforts, marketing material, digital strategy and conversion strategy. All of these are necessary requirements in making a good marketing plan.