How to design a Killer “About Us” Page & Convert Visitors into Customers

An “About Us” page is a page that is used to inform your customer about what exactly you represent, who you are and what you aim to achieve with your brand or business. The type of people that visit an about us page are those people that want to know more about your prospective business and want to be customers. However, are reading up and trying to trust you. This is why it is very important that you have the right information on your about us page so they can get what they are looking for and choose you. Below are some tips for you to use when writing your own about us page as it will help you convert your visitors into customers. You can also add a top-quality passport photo to the page and let the world see you.

  1. Facts not Hype

When we write the about us page, we need to make sure we write facts and not just hype ourselves up. This is because all of the hyping up is done on the first page and people already have read what you can do for them and how you are the best choice for them. On the about us page they need proof that you are “it” and that you possess the skills you speak of and are capable of doing what you speak of doing.  An about us page can also be considered similar to a resume. Just like in a resume you try to sell yourself and look appealing, you do the same in an about page. However, you would not want to exaggerate and show off. The same way, the about page is to show your good side, however, it should not show you in an exaggerated light.

  • Trust

Before the internet existed and communication became digital, all interactions and deals were done face to face. This was how trust was built. You need to show your customers that they can trust you and are right to trust you only. You need to give them vantage points to hold on to and give them information that will build trust between you and them. This will then lead to a conversion of visitors into customers as trust is one of the most important key factors in a business relationship.

  • Audience

It is always best that you know exactly who your audience is. What this will do is that it will help you formulate your style of writing and words. If your website is meant to engage businesses or corporations, then you will need to use a more formal style of writing, state your achievements and tell them exactly how you can benefit them. However, then you consider a new mom, she barely has time to read an about page, so you go for key points that would attract and appeal to her to become your customer. You need to use your wording according to the type of audience you target as that will help you convert your visitors into customers.