10 Advantages of Digital White Boards

Advancement in technology has had many positive impacts on various sectors including healthcare, manufacturing, services as well as academics. A lot of traditional teaching methods have been replaced with digital and more interactive methods improving the learning experience for students.

Digital White boards are one such additional which have completely revolutionized learning. Not just being used in academic institutions, digital white boards have also replaced traditional whiteboards and office board rooms and offer a much detailed and interactive methods of presentation.

Even though the technology of digital whiteboards has been around for over 2 decades now, the recent sweep over by technology driven trends has increased the popularity of these whiteboards making them a common addition to class rooms.

Digital whiteboards offer countless benefits to both the students as well as teachers, and in an official capacity, they are better suited for company analyses and board meetings. In this article we have listed some of the major benefits digital whiteboards offer in Classrooms and Boardrooms

Unlimited Space: Gone are the days when a teacher or a presenter would write lots of information on a black or white board using a normal pen or marker and once the space was full, would require to use a rubber or duster to clear the surface and write more. Digital Whiteboards provide an unlimited canvas and allow you to save lectures and meetings page by page. You can also share lectures with students or meeting points with employees easily by sharing a PDF or Powerpoint file.

Versatility: Digital whiteboards are interactive and very effective when it comes to brainstorming sessions or class room discussions. They don’t require hooking up to electrical outputs and can function directly on battery. You can also save lectures, add pivot tables or charts depending on all the features your digital white board has to offer. There are tons of options available out in the market. If you are in Australia, you can check some of the best Digital White Boards on APS Solutions.

Wireless Connectivity to the Internet: Just like laptops, digital whiteboards can also be connected to the internet allowing you to search and display countless websites and assisting in the teaching or presenting process. They give you access to unlimited online resources to support your lessons, including photographs, videos, and articles, making lessons more fun and engaging.

Great for Students with Disabilities: Digital whiteboards are particularly helpful for students with various disabilities. Since digital whiteboards allow the inclusion of photographs and videos in the lessons, they make learning for differently abled individuals easier and interactive and allows them to participate equally in classrooms.

Cost Saving: You might think digital whiteboards are costlier than traditional board, but in the longer run they are more cost effective and low maintenance. You don’t have to worry about running out of ink and pens and erasers all the time.

Among all these benefits, digital whiteboards are also ecofriendly and contribute towards a paper free environment as you can simply share the softcopy of your lectures with your students without having them note things down on their notebooks.

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