Kitchen Tea Ideas for the Summer of 2019

Does the term “kitchen tea” sound new to you? If it does, know that it is a form of pre-wedding celebration. Women who are friends or relatives of the bride gather at the home of the bride’s mother to celebrate the upcoming wedding with food, games, and drinks.

Traditionally, guests may bring gifts to the bride for the kitchen to help her set up her marital home or kitchen. But because most brides live away from their home or they are already living with the future spouse, they have already acquired some of the important items. Therefore, today kitchen tea focuses on celebrating with relatives and friends and playing some games.

Is kitchen tea different from a bridal shower?

Yes. Even though the two events are similar in nature, traditionally they are not the same. Kitchen teas are focused on assisting the bride set up the marital kitchen while the bridal shower involves showering the bride with many gifts for the whole home in addition to her own items. Most brides make gift registry for the bridal shower too with an aim of providing the guests with gift suggestions. A bride can go for any of the two events or both.

Some brides choose to host the even in non-traditional locations such as parks and others are hiring venues depending on the number of guests they have invited. Here are a few ideas for your kitchen tea:

The “Mad Hatter” Party

You can hold your kitchen tea in your garden and choose some themes like the “Alice in Wonderland’s Mad Hatter Tea Party”. That requires you to go for a long table and several classic high tea items like scones, jam, and cream. You will have to play on that theme with mismatched tea sets and crockery. Moreover, you can ask the guests to dress up and wear a hat.

Picnic party

A picnic at the local park or in your backyard could be a better idea. Ask all guests to bring some wine or a dish. A few blankets will help you enjoy your time in summer and enjoy fruits, cheese, and wine. To go an extra step, go to an outdoor cinema.

Floral Affair

A floral theme might be a good option. Ask your guests to wear something floral or the colours you like. By using the bunches of flowers to decorate the venue, you will create a better experience. Buy some flower crowns for your guests to wear immediately they arrive.

Cooking queen

If cooking is more than a hobby to you, centre the kitchen tea party on the cooking and food theme. Ask your guests to bring some of their favourite recipes. A group cooking class in addition to the kitchen tea games will be beneficial.

Scenic celebration

Ensure that the venue offers nice views so that your guests will enjoy the scenery while trying the delicious foods and drinks to celebrate the upcoming wedding. Click to shop designer kitchen breakfast stools today.

You can hold the kitchen tea and the hen’s night on the same day. If your older friends or relatives do not want to spend their night out, they will prefer the kitchen tea. Guests who cannot make it to the two events will opt for the most appropriate one.